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Pumas finish with a flourish to deny Tigers comeback

The Tigers took on the Springwood Pumas yesterday at Lowe Oval in another exciting Hart Sport Cup QFA Division 1 contest for the right to lead the ladder. The Pumas are the reigning premiers after their dazzling come from behind win over Coorparoo in the 2023 Grand Final and they have not lost any of their talent or capability.

The Tigers have rarely been able to return home with much joy when travelling down the highway to Springwood with the Pumas a dominant force on their home turf but there was plenty of confidence after last week’s win over the Kings.

After a thorough drenching during the early game the skies cleared and with the ground in excellent condition play was underway at a furious pace with the Pumas first out of the starter’s gates to kick four quick goals to stun the Tigers. The Pumas were red hot.

All credit to the Tigers that they were able to arrest the momentum in the middle of the quarter to get on the board with a goal to Zac Quin who was under a mountain of pressure with a rare matchup with Springwood star Rowan Page posted at full back. Quin and Paige often go head to head but not at the end of the ground. The Tigers ended the quarter three goals in arrears but they had regained some control over the contest. The Pumas had also sprayed a few attempts at goal in a reprieve for the Tigers.

The Pumas journeyman Brandon Stewart was very dangerous with his booming left foot making plenty of ground on the confines of Lowe Oval putting the Tigers under plenty of pressure so it was key to get him under some sort of control. The Tigers midfield in Beau Harris and Jack Collings set about the task of evening up the ledger in the middle with both of  them doing a mountain of bustling work in the stoppages while Jamie Ivers was taking control in the air.

The Tigers defence was able to regain some control as well now that the ball was not coming so hot with James Stolz doing a very good job on Pumas spearhead Jai Kennealy holding him to just two goals for the day while Will Brohm gave the Tigers some strong attack off the half back. Mitch Bruce was superb with his run down defence while Jeremy Duck was composed and effective as usual.

The Tigers went into the main break having reduced the margin to just ten points in a much better term.

It was another pressure packed term in the third with the Tigers and Pumas going end to end with both pressing and slingshotting for a goals. The Tigers won this period as well with Zac Quin making something out of nothing as usual while Ben Wilkinson was dangerous and creative. The Tigers shared the goals around with Dan Saunders and debutant Lincoln White getting into the action as well.

At the final break the Tigers were within four points of the Pumas after holding a small lead twice during the quarter.

It was a case of who was going to finish off the strongest after the Tigers had won the middle two quarters to get back into the game. The Pumas had the downhill and small wind advantage but the Tigers were confident they had the talent to do the job.

After posting Rowan Page on Zac Quin for most of the game the Pumas decided to put their star into the middle and he didn’t waste much time making an impact. A contentious decision to give him a kick for a fumbling mark which had clearly gone out of bounds resulted in a goal against the momentum of the game and it seemed to spur the Pumas on. The Tigers couldn’t arrest the momentum or make maximum effect when entering their forward fifty. The Pumas went on to win the game by thirteen points in a very entertaining game.

The Tigers enjoy a bye next week and will take on the Moreton Bay Pumas the following week at the Den. It will then be Reunion Day weekend again with the Tigers scheduled to play Caloundra on Sunday 26th May 2024.

Scores: Springwood 12.15.87 d Mayne 11.8.74 Goals: Z Quin 5, B Wilkinson, J Coghlan, D Saunders, J Ivers, L White, B Harris 1. Best: Z Quin, B Harris, W Brohm, J Ivers, L White, J Collings.


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