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Mayne Football Club

Mayne AFC

Newsletters, Documents & Forms


Following are a collection of documents and forms that may be required by parents, participants, volunteers and interested parties.

Most documents are provided in either pdf or microsoft word format. You may need to download software to your computer or device in order to be able to open, print or edit these documents.

Tiger Rag Volume 13/2024

Tigers enjoy clean sweep over the Blues

Tiger Rag Volume 12/2024

Tigers get one back over Pumas at their Lair

Tiger Rag Volume 11/2024

Tigers pounce to tame Buffaloes

Tiger Rag Volume 10/2024

Tigers prevail over Panthers on Mick Nolan Reunion Day

Tiger Rag Volume 9/2024

Tigers dominate Lions to amass almost record score

Tiger Rag Volume 8/2024

Pumas finish with a flourish to deny Tigers comeback

Tiger Rag Volume 7/2024

Tigers hold out fast finishing Kings

Tiger Rag Volume 6/2024

Panthers have no answer for Tiger’s final quarter blitz

Tiger Rag Volume 5/2024

Tigers too strong for Red Lions

Tiger Rag Volume 4/2024

Tigers finish strongly to overcome dose of the Blues

Tiger Rag Volume 3/2024

Tigers enjoy strong hit out against Mounties

Tiger Rag Volume 2/2024

Tigers in strong showing against reigning Premiers

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