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Tigers Coaching Group all set for Centenary Year

After an exhaustive recruiting process over the last two months the Mayne Football Club is very pleased to announce the Coaching Group to lead the club into their Centenary year.

The new look group will encompass a Co-Coaching model for the first time since the very successful 2016 Premiership year. The club is very pleased that the Co-Coaches will provide a dynamic mix of youth and experience from two individuals who will complement each other with contemporary experience from within and outside of the club.

The recently successful Jack Gartlan will take on a Senior Co-Coaching role following his very successful two year campaign with the Tigers Reserve Grade. The club was extremely impressed with the way he worked with the Senior Coaching Group over the last two years and specifically in a Co-Coaching role with Bill Stephens. The Reserves 2023 Premiership success came on the back of a well planned and orchestrated campaign. Jack also provided the on field leadership to the Reserves to complete a very impressive 2023 season.

Jack is professionally qualified and brings a methodical approach to the coaching group utilising the latest technology and applying a modern approach to people management.

Jack came to Mayne in 2016 from the North Shore Seagulls in the Geelong Football Netball League completing his first season as a member of the Tigers Senior Premiership team. He has played continuously since then albeit interrupted with injury at times limiting his opportunity at senior level. He now has two additional premiership medals with wins in Reserve Grade in 2019 and now 2023.

The Tigers are further excited to have Jeremy Watts as a Co-Coaching partner to Jack Gartlan for the new season adding a new voice to the coaching group from outside the club for the first time in a number of years.

Jeremy is originally from Wangaratta but has spent the last 5 years in Darwin at the Waratah Football Club. After coaching Juniors for two years he was appointed to the Senior Assistant Position, a role he has held for the last three years while also coaching the Reserves. Jeremy took the Reserves to a Grand Final in his last season in the top end.

Jeremy and wife Nikki and their four boys are excited to be part of the community at the Mayne Football Club and are looking forward to meeting with everyone soon.

The Tigers Coaching Group will be further bolstered by the addition of Tony Lynn as Senior Assistant Coach. Lynn will be remembered as one of the best local products to make an AFL list at the time where Queensland football was taking it’s first steps into the national spotlight. Lynn was drafted to the Brisbane Bears in 1988 from the Morningside Panthers. He went on to play 86 games for Central Districts in Adelaide before going on to extend his AFL experience with a further 27 games with Carlton.

In more recent times, Tony has been the Head Coach at Mount Gravatt in the QAFL. He will add a wealth of experience to the Coaching Group in the Tigers Centenary year.

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