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Lions and Tigers fight to the death

The Tigers met the Moreton Bay Lions for the second week in a row at the Den yesterday, this time it was do or die in the Elimination Final of the Hart Sport Cup QFA Division 1 competition.

It was a game befitting a final and a perfect example of how close all the teams in this competition have been all season. Each week the result could go either way with all the sides pushing each to the end. Yesterday’s game was a nail biter going down to the last thirty seconds for a result with the Tigers holding on to a five point lead from what was eleven points moments earlier and the Lions on the surge again.

Full credit to both teams for an exciting, uncompromising and bruising encounter which was played in the greatest spirit of the game.

The Tigers had yet another reshuffle from last week with three changes including the loss of their emerging spearhead Ryan Doolan but it was still a very experienced team while the Lions added goal kicking machine Rhys Nickalls to their lineup who was unstoppable despite the slippery conditions. Nickalls kicked seven goals and one poster in a very impressive display to significantly change things up from the week before.

The Tigers moved Henry Leong, one of their most experienced players to in front of the sticks to fill their gap and he immediately got into the action in the first minutes of the game to hit the scoreboard finishing with five of his own as the two teams enjoyed the shootout. Leong was clearly one of the Tigers best for the day as he moved up and down the ground.

The two teams were never much more than a goal apart for the day and with a very strong contingent of supporters on hand for both clubs the atmosphere was terrific.

The battle in and around the middle was enthralling with the Tigers Jack Collings in everything while the Lions most experienced player and Captain Jonathan Giles was leading form the front. The Lions could be well pleased with one of their young men in Lochlan Baxter who looks like a big player of the future.

The Lions are stocked with some big men including ruckman Greg Bond who is hard to beat but the Tigers Daniel Schmidt and Josh Westerberg gave him a great contest and were both critical to their club’s win. Schmidt pushed back into numerous contests in defence to intercept the Lions forward entries while Westerberg went forward to clunk some big marks and kick three important goals.

Backman Jimmy Aganas was a big in for the Tigers this week and he didn’t disappoint using his big frame to advantage and working with his defensive team who all did a mountain of work to contain the Lions forwards other than Nickalls.

A four point lead at the last break ended up being a five point lead at the end but what a quarter it was with the Tigers kicking more truly in the end with three goals to the Lions two. Chris Fletcher received a free kick in the dying moments of the game about fifty out and coolly put it through the middle to make the difference eleven points to have the Tigers seemingly home comfortably.

However, the Lions responded with goal straight from a centre infringement and with thirty seconds to go and were on the charge again before the Tigers fans could breathe a sigh of relief hearing the final siren. The Lions kicked six points which would otherwise certainly have seen them progressing to the next week.

The Tigers will now play the Caloundra Panthers who were shocked by the Beenleigh Buffaloes in the Qualifying Final who have been surging for the last few weeks. The game will be at Caloundra next Saturday and is once again do or die.

Scores: Mayne 12.7.79 d Moreton Bay 10.14.74 Goals: H Leong 5, J Westerberg 3, S Windsor, C Caught, L Quin, R Fletcher 1. Best: H Leong, J Collings, J Aganas, D Schmidt, J Westerberg, K Henry.

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