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MPPSG Life Membership Awarded

Vice President Russell Ditchburn was honoured to present Life Memberships to four members of the Mayne Past Players and Supporters Group last night at the Season Launch.

At the end of the 2013 season, the club was very pleased to reform the MPPSG, a body which had been soundly missed for many years with the club going through some difficult years on many fronts.

Dick Fell, Graham McColm and Rod Judd stepped up to take on the role of keeping the club’s cultural heartbeat alive. All three have served the Mayne Tigers in so many roles over many decades so their passion for and knowledge of the club has proven invaluable. After ten years' service of the MPPSG it was time to award them with this much deserved honour.

Russell went on to award Life Membership of the MPPSG to Rod Barber. Rod was President of the Mayne Past Players and Supporters Group for an extraordinary period of 13 years from 1980 to 1992 when it sadly ceased formal operations. However, he never wavered in doing all the things anyone could have possibly and humanly expected in trying to keep the Mayne Football Club ticking over with his continued service an inspiration for so many Tigers from then to now.

Rod was very pleased to add this additional accolade to his many achievements.


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