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Tigers bare their claws while Magpies swoop

The Tigers first practice match yesterday at Sherwood against old foes the Magpies over a marathon six quarters was just the hit out the squad needed.

The playing group have been training since November with additional instruction from the Science of Fitness team and it was immediately evident that the Tigers were fit and ready and looking fleet of foot.

While both teams took the opportunity to trial a number of combinations over the course of the six quarters and also without some of their more experienced personnel, it was a game worthy of the two clubs.

The Tigers regular leadership team led by Jack Collings and Zac McLean looked very ready for the season ahead. Collings showed plenty of his renowned hardness at the footy while McLean played almost the full six quarters finishing up front with two quality goals to once again show he will have plenty to offer in the middle and in front of the sticks.

The Tigers brains trusts experimented with a number of combinations through the midfield with young guns Zac and Louis Quin getting plenty of the ball when they were let off the leash while veteran Ryan Eyles shows no sign of letting up on his vigorous style just yet.

It was an opportunity to see Gus Shaw and Hayden Fry in action in the ruck and neither let the side down with their impressive leaps to provide first use of the ball despite the much larger bodies of the Magpie talls. Both will be vital to the Tigers prospects for Season 2023 and will be sure to excite fans every week.

The Tigers defence was underpinned yesterday by Jimmy Aganas and Jono Skippen who were both solid under fire. Stew Settle provided his usual composure and reliable decision making as he spoiled and marked as appropriate. Tim Webb was strong while he was on the ground.

Casey Barber created plenty of scoring opportunities across the half forward using his pace to great effect. Barber’s defensive pressure was also a feature, a skill he has been improving every year since joining the Tigers.

Ryan Doolan made the most of his opportunities in front of goal while Joe McCarthy was creative.

The Tigers will play Springwood next Saturday at Springwood in another six quarter combined squad game commencing at 12pm.

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