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Tigers leave it too late

On an afternoon perfect for footy, the Tigers travelled down the highway to take on the Springwood Pumas. As anticipated, the opening quarter was played at a fast pace with both sides moving the ball on with short passes and handballs, placing an emphasis on quick play to gain the advantage of momentum. Pressure was being applied at both ends of the field and the midfield headed by Jack Collings and Zac Quin worked hard to provide service up forward. Jamie Ivers kicked the Tiger’s opening goal from a short-range kick courtesy of the hard running generated up field. Casey Barber continued his electric attack on the ball and was rewarded with a long-range goal from the boundary line. At the break the Tigers were ahead by one point.

The tempo continued into the second quarter, Springwood increased their attacking pressure and the Tigers responded. But the pressure took its toll and Springwood were able to add to their score. Josh Westerberg provided a strong contest in the ruck opening up the play. Captain Zac Mclean led by example winning hardball contests pushing the Tigers deep into the forward line. The Tigers dug deep working hard to control the tempo of the game, Hayden Fry and Cal Ferguson showing a high level of composure and footy smarts chipping in with well-judged contested marks which helped to slow the hard running Pumas. At half time, the Tigers were adrift by seventeen points.

The half time break provided the Tigers with an opportunity to refine the game plan. The Tiger attack on the ball continued to create stoppages, from these Jamie Ivers ruck work began to dominate allowing the Tigers first use. The pressure was rewarded with Zac Quin being able to convert from a stoppage, kicking the first goal of the quarter. From the restart, the Tigers locked the ball in their forward half, however Springwood remained a threat and was able to counterattack rebounding the ball quickly. Dan Schmidt helped out in defense using his marking skills to slow the Puma attack. The Puma’s pressure was rewarded with goals kicked from turnovers and penalties. The Tigers wrested back momentum but were not able to fully capitalize on the scoreboard. At the final break the Tigers had closed the gap to be fifteen points behind.

The final quarter started with both teams continuing their hard attack on the ball. Springwood converted an early opportunity to give them a little more breathing room. The Tigers responded from the restart and kicked the next goal and launched the ball deep into the forward line. Springwood’s defense held firm and they were able to counterattack. In the tense second half of the quarter, both teams had their chances, however the pressure and tempo of the game made it difficult for any team to control the play. The game became a series of attacks and counterattacks with both teams working hard to create stoppages in their defensive halves. The Tigers continued their pressure, a goal to Ben Wilkinson reduced the deficit to nine points. The Tigers never gave up attacking to the end with James Westerberg kicking a goal on the siren, showing just how close the Tigers could get.

The Tigers take on University of Queensland next week at home in our annual Mick Nolan reunion day.

Final Score : Mayne 10.9. 69 to Springwood 10.13. 73

Bests: J. Ivers, Z. Quin, J. Skippen, D. Schmidt, L. Quin, J Coghlan

Goals: J. Ivers 2, Z. Mc Lean 2 B. Wilkinson 2, J. Westerberg 2, C. Barber 1, Z. Quin 1

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