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Pumas stun Tigers with last quarter blitz

The Springwood Pumas pulled off an extraordinary demolition of the Tigers in less than ten minutes of football turning a captivating contest into a rout yesterday at the Den.

The Tigers led the Pumas all day in a very closely fought contest where it seemed the home side had the visitors measure. At every turn where the Pumas surged, the Tigers seemed to counter to inch ahead on each occasion.

At the last change the Tigers enjoyed a twenty one point lead and seemed to have the game under control just needing to play controlled football to close out the game.

The Pumas had only kicked six goals to that point and a win from behind seemed very unlikely. Nobody at the ground could have foreseen what unfolded in a high scoring rampage that was the last quarter. Fourteen goals kicked but ten of them to the Pumas, seven on the trot in the last ten minutes while the Tigers had no answers.

The Pumas shifted Bailey Hewitt into the middle halfway through the final term to ignite the fuse that set them alight leading to multiple centre clearances to dominate the final moments of the game. Up to that point the Tigers had retained their twenty one point lead with both sides kicking three apiece in an electrifying goal for goal period of play.

While the Tigers had been the dominant side all day, they continued their poor ball security and questionable decision making from the previous week giving up possession in uncontested situations which the Pumas made the most of to stay in reach. In reality the Tigers should have been further in front but for these unforced errors.

In a final mid term clanger the Tigers handed over possession to the Pumas in front of goal leading to a complete momentum shift from which they never recovered with the visitors kicking seven straight goals to stun everyone at the Den and run away with the most unlikely win.

Unfortunately the result overshadowed the wonderful work of so many of the young Tigers who had battled the day out so well. Ryan Doolan kicked his first big bag with five goals on the back of some impressive high marks.

Zac Quin was terrific despite coming under incredible checking pressure from the Pumas who rate him very highly while his brother Louis was also very good. Hayden Fry was incredible in the ruck and around the ground.

Jack Collings had an enthralling battle with Rowan Page all day as the two stars scrapped and tackled each other to a standstill while veteran Sam Paterson was effective in and under as usual.

Josh Westerberg had his best game for the Tigers with a good all round effort in the ruck and up forward taking some important marks.

The Tigers backline were strong all day until the last few minutes of the game when they were overrun by a rampaging Pumas midfield. James Stolz marked and spoiled to great effect while Jimmy Aganas and Dean Hartley worked very hard.

In the end, never was the saying more true than you need to play a full four quarters to win games, especially this year where all the teams come with plenty of talent and firepower.

The competition will enjoy an Easter weekend off before Round 3 when the Tigers will travel to meet Hinterland at Palmwoods in another tough encounter. The Tigers will be desperate for a win.

Scores: Springwood 16.9.105 d Mayne 13.5.83 Goals: R Doolan 5, H Fry, B Wilkinson 2, J Collings, J McVeigh, Z McLean, N Breen 1. Best: R Doolan, S Paterson, J Stolz, J Westerberg, J Collings, J Aganas.

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